Sample B-1Letter Supporting a Nonimmigrant Visa Application

Letter for a Nonimmigrant B-1 Visa Application

U.S. Consulate
Paris, France

RE: B-1 Nonimmigrant Visa Application of Mr. Michael Smith

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is submitted in support of the nonimmigrant visa application of Mr. Michael Smith, a France national. Mr. Smith has been employed with our company since October 2000, and currently fills the capacity of Vice President in charge of procurement.

Our company, Paris Motor Co., is the largest manufacturer of motor vehicles in France, with sales last year of $450 million (U.S.). Our largest account is with the France government, to whom we supply vehicles for business, military, and police use. We currently employ 5500 people in six plants.

We regularly purchase components and materials for our motor vehicles from the United States. One of the components which we routinely purchase from U.S. manufactures is the glass used for the windshields and windows on our vehicles. Over the last five years, we have purchased all of the glass used on our vehicles from U.S. companies.

We are currently in negotiations to purchase the glass needed by our vehicles during the coming fiscal year. In furtherance of consummating a purchase agreement, preliminary negotiations by phone & correspondence have taken place between our company and the U.S. Glass Company in Cleveland, Ohio. At this point, we need to conclude the negotiations in person. A meeting has been set for July 20, 2008, at which time contract negotiations will resume in person at the offices of the U.S. Glass Company. A letter from U.S. Glass Company, confirming same, is attached. Negotiations of this magnitude typically take 5-7 days. We have made plans to have our representative in Cleveland for a two-week period to assure that the negotiations can be completed in one trip.

As the Vice President of our company, Mr. Smith is in charge of contractual arrangements for needed materials in our manufacturing process and he will conduct these negotiations on our behalf. He has been negotiating with U.S. Glass Company up to this point and he is the officer most familiar with the contract terms.

Mr. Smith’s position within Paris Motor Co. and his standing in his community clearly establish his intention to return to France upon the completion of these contract negotiations.

We therefore respectfully request that a B-1 nonimmigrant visa be issued to Mr. Smith for this trip to the United States.


John Cohen, Executive Vice President