The annual H1B visa filing season is just around the corner. Like hundreds of thousands of other aspirants, you must be preparing to meet all necessary H1B visa requirements. However, it is highly probable that you will unknowingly commit some common mistakes in the process. At the same time, the employer filing H1B visa sponsorship for you may also make a number of mistakes leading to application denial. Most of these mistakes are easily avoidable, provided you are aware of them in advance. Applying to Employers who do not sponsor H-1B’s Not all companies or employers from the U.S. sponsor H1B visas.... READ MORE

Application, approval and stamping for H1B visa is a lengthy procedure. At every stage, you need a set of documents without which you can’t move further. It is important to be ready with an H1B visa documents checklist 2019 to avoid any possible obstacles that may put your petition off-track. Check out the ultimate checklist covering all the documents that you need to keep handy: H1B Visa Application Checklist You must note that your prospective U.S. employer will file the H1B visa petition along with the required fees. If you are not in the U.S.– Employer’s must prepare the Form I-129 which is the... READ MORE

The H1B visa filing season for the fiscal year 2020 is about to begin on April 01, 2019. The aspirants and petitioners may expect petition selection through H1B lottery 2020, similar to what has been happening for the past many years. However, the Trump Administration’s ‘Buy American Hire American’ executive order is ready to introduce some noteworthy changes in the H1B application process. It is the right time to get familiar with everything important about H1B visas in 2019. H1B Visa 2019 Latest News Regarding Registration Considering the voluminous H1B visa petitions, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) proposed electronic pre-registration... READ MORE

H1B visa is a temporary work visa that allows foreign nationals to stay and work in the U.S. One of the top highlights of the visa program is that the dependents (spouses and children below 21) of the H1B visa holders too can obtain H4 dependent visa to enter and stay in the U.S. However, the benefits of these two visa programs are many more than you can think of. H1B Visa Benefits Specialized Skills Draw Handsome Salaries: H1B visa is available only for foreign workers with special skills in the fields like accounting, architecture, engineering, science research, medical and... READ MORE

The U.S. employers initiate the H-1B visa process to hire foreign workers. The H1-B filing season begins on the first working day of April while H1-B visa status is implemented from October 01 (the first working day of the new fiscal year). In other words, the successfully hired foreign workers start working for their respective employers from October 01. Having precise information about the process, including timeline, costs and processing time, is important for the employers as well as the foreign employees. The following guide shares the most comprehensive information in this direction. H-1B Visa Process Steps First of all, you must... READ MORE